What is an EcoBroker?

EcoBroker is the first and largest education and certification program for real estate professionals who want to highlight energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive features in homes. As a certified EcoBroker I promote healthier, cost-effective and green practices in real estate. I help both buyers and sellers understand how green factors drive decisions in the current housing market.

For Buyers: What are the benefits of using an EcoBroker to buy my next home?

• Anticipate the potential monthly savings or costs of a home: As an EcoBroker, I can help you assess a home’s energy efficiency. There are costs or savings associated with insulation, windows, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other features of a home that will affect your monthly budget.

• Assess indoor air quality and seek a healthy environment: I can help you understand environmental issues including indoor air quality, ventilation, use of low-VOC paints, quality radon testing, and water testing. I can help you address any problems before you buy your home.

• Consider building orientation and natural landscaping features: I understand how proper building orientation, natural light, overhangs and tree placement (for shading and windbreaks) can help reduce utility bills.


For Sellers: What are the benefits of listing my home with an EcoBroker?

• Highlight the green features your home has to offer: As an EcoBroker, I understand the energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive features of your home. I can highlight these attributes and their value, differentiating your home from others on the market. Working with me helps you market your property to the growing number of green-minded consumers, and gets your listing the attention it deserves!

• Communicate the energy cost savings of your home: Buyers are cost-conscious. I will emphasize the energy-efficient features in your home that may help you get the best price for your property. These features might include upgrades you’ve already done, like installing a new furnace or windows.

• Communicate to buyers the indoor air quality and health benefits of your property: I can highlight healthy features of your home's indoor environment, like the use of nontoxic materials or a radon mitigation system.

• Emphasize building orientation and landscaping features: I will highlight favorable building orientation and landscaping when marketing your home, and I can educate buyers on how these features will help them save money.